Mobility brings Innovation in action!

In the context of current societal challenges like increasing urbanization, continuing demographic developments and greater environmental consciousness, mobility is confronting dramatic changes worldwide. Growing numbers of people need to be transported on roads, rails and in the air with ever greater efficiency and environmental compatibility.

The future is meanwhile being shaped by the digital transformation and technical innovation.

  • But what do these changes look like?
  • Will our cars soon be taking off from the asphalt into the air?
  • Will we take our seat on a train at our local railway station, fly to the ends of the earth and then, at our destination, again ride a train into the city – all the while never having left our seat, because the train can be transformed into an airplane with attachable wings?

The Internet of Things and self-driving cars

What’s certain is that the Internet of Things will revolutionize road and rail transport, when our cars will be able to “communicate” with each other and with other devices. Our car could then warn us in advance of heavy traffic and thus allow us to simply drive around situations where traffic threatens to jam. Or the car will simply drive itself. It will bring us to the railway station and then simply drive itself back home. That is a sight we will quickly need to get used to, since remote control will enable not only cars but also trains, commercial vehicles and airplanes to travel without a driver or pilot. Researchers are now focusing intensive effort on autonomous driving and flying, which is aimed at saving fuel and reducing accidents. Additional innovations such as new materials and construction methods are further increasing the efficiency and safety of commercial vehicles, cars, trains and airplanes.

Over the coming months and weeks, which innovations this will involve, how we will travel in the future and whether the dream of the flying car will be fulfilled will be examined in detail as we focus on the topic of “mobility.”

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