Some of our current projects


As a consultant in the energy market, I’m part of the transitions to digital Metering in Flanders. I manage metering applications and develop custom solutions to handle metering data and control the newly installed digital meters. Our codebase is primarily in Java, but Python, Groovy, and other languages are also used.


Modernizing government IT with a new web platform called Lima. Lima is a feature-rich Payroll & HR platform for municipalities, provinces, PCSWs, and more that includes but is not limited to managing of personnel, organisational structure, contracts, etc

PUBLIC SECTOR (Permit management / urbanism)

Hive-X successfully lead the technical solution of Nova 5 Platform (More information about Nova 5 available here). Nova 5 it is a training of 1200 agents and the simultaneous migration of more than 20 clients … These are 2.5 TB of data and about 4,500 Office templates that have been migrated!

Nova is a shared IT platform of the Brussels-Capital Region dedicated to the management of planning permits, land division permits and environmental licences. Nova is intended for citizens through Permis en Ligne (French-Dutch), enabling them to access their details and follow the status of their application in real time 24/7.


HIVE-X successfully contributes to maintaining and push new Security features to bank Web/Mobile ecosystem. My job is divided in : Application Security Management : Analysis and development around sensitive banking security layer & Devops : Development of tools and processes around continuous integration and deployment


I work on a clinical study management web application in angular and .net core. I work the team responsible to add new functionality to the app. (There is one other team responsible to remake existing functionality of the old app).

My main tasks are to analyse, implement and test new functionalities and follow up on it if there are any issues related to it. I also sometime do proof of concepts to see if a given technology can be used in the project. And I collaborate with the other team members to improve the quality of the code.

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