Nova 5 Platform is running on production since 01 November 2018!
HIVE-X successfully led for CIRB-CIBG-BRIC the technical solution of Nova 5 Platform (More information about Nova 5 available here)

Nova 5 it is a training of 800 agents and the simultaneous migration of 21 clients … These are 1.6 TB of data and about 3,000 Office templates that have been migrated! Congratulations !

Nova is a shared IT platform of the Brussels-Capital Region dedicated to the management of planning permits, land division permits and environmental licences. Nova is intended for citizens through Permis en Ligne (French-Dutch), enabling them to access their details and follow the status of their application in real time 24/7.

Nova also serves Bruxelles Développement Urbain (French-Dutch) and covers the management of planning permit applications, the secretariat, violations, appeals, the consultation committee, communal planning regulations, private designated land use plans and land division permits. Nova is also intended for Bruxelles Environnement (French-Dutch): the platform authorises the handling of Building Energy Performance (PEB) files. Lastly, Nova serves the urban development and environment service of all Brussels communes (French-Dutch). It helps them process permit applications, operate the secretariat with filing and dispatch certificates, and manage the progress of the consultation committee (calendar, agenda and minutes).

This information management, processing and sharing platform enables everyone to monitor the progress of their applications at another administration. The interaction this creates at communal, regional and Bruxelles Environnement level helps avoid superfluous entries. Nova also helps with the creation, automatic sending and parameterisation of legal or internal documents on the basis of predefined models. All these documents are linked to the files and stored in the Regional Data Centre. The platform also includes a schedule of repayments that generates a visual alarm when due dates are missed (CoBAT FR, BWRO NL).