Efficiency in the service of CV (English version)

The Belgian company Hive-X will soon release a brand new revolutionary CV management platform.
Its first version is aimed at recruiters in the IT sector, but with a little patience, other fields will also be integrated.

Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence that completes this tool, the recruiter will be able to work more efficiently and quickly.

How? By combining these functionalities: sorting, templating, anonymizing and matching CVs. This platform is able to transform any CV into the template of your choice.
For example, she can find for you the CV of this senior specialized in Java who worked in the banking sector.
It also makes it possible to produce CVs from which personal information has been removed.

“Once adopted, you will not be able to part with it.” This is not a maxim that comes out of nowhere, it is a reality. After a few manipulations, the user will wonder how he did it before. A bit like now, we wonder how we did without GPS or without a cell phone.

The time saved by this platform will allow users to concentrate on other important tasks, such as meeting the candidate for example. Certainly, this platform has a future and will change the world of IT recruitment, we are convinced.

Contact : T. de Sany 0474/85 89 45 – info@hive-x.com