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Senior Software Architect

E-learning Platform

E-Learning Platform Launched in 2018, the platform goal is to help HIVE-X consultants put learn effectively new technologies. Working towards that vision, the platform proposes 6,000 books and videos so far, providing HIVE-X consultants with the actionable knowledge they need to get the job done - whether that's specific learning on an emerging

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New Hires October 2018

HIVE-X is proud to welcome a new member in the team. Phat Vinh will assist on a mission in the transport sector and improve his skills as a fullstack developer using moderne technologies like Kubernetes, Docker or Java 10 < We must also thank you all our partners and customers, without whom this adventure wouldn't be

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The youngest F4 winner, Ugo de Wilde

A belgian star driver is born At 16 years old, Ugo is the youngest driver in the F4SEA championship with more than 60 single-seater races he is already a wise and experienced competitor. Thanks to two superb poles and two wins this weekend at the Castellet, Ugo de Wilde finished runner-up at the FFSA Academy

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Mobility brings Innovation in action! In the context of current societal challenges like increasing urbanization, continuing demographic developments and greater environmental consciousness, mobility is confronting dramatic changes worldwide. Growing numbers of people need to be transported on roads, rails and in the air with ever greater efficiency and environmental compatibility. The future is meanwhile being


New Hires September 2018

Hive-X is proud to welcome a new member in the team. Mathieu will assist on a mission in the social sector and improve his skills as a fullstack developer. We must also thank you all our partners and customers, without whom this adventure wouldn't be the same.

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Sustainable Interest

HIVE-X cares In our company, everyday is a challenge to contribute in a more sustainable world. HIVE-X is concerned by climate change and environment and because our core value is resources, we participate to ecological actions in respect of it. We're using Ecosia as our web search engine, just because of simple actions can make

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Ugo de Wilde

Ugo  de Wilde The young pilot attends the French F4 FIA Championship, this weekend in Francorchamps, with confidence and impatience. (2018-06-01) HIVE-X supports Ugo with the brand new website http://www.ugodewilde.com 

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ICTJob & HIVE-X Services

HIVE-X collaborates with ICT Jobs to hunt Elite Profiles.   ictjob.be is an innovative IT job board specialized in the Belgian IT jobs market.  Based on our proprietary search engine, specifically developed for the IT sector, ictjob.be allows companies to easily find the perfect candidates. Candidates can easily find the right job without losing time reading job postings that

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HIVE-X Colleagues

Marc Durieux: Executive Manager Thibaut de Sany: Executive Manager Magali Gillet: HR Director Gaetan Reyners: IT Engineer Wouter Janssens: IT Engineer Livio Van Rymenant: Senior IT Engineer Loick Brunfaut: IT Engineer Sander Cobbaert: IT Engineer Mathieu Danse: IT Engineer Phat Vinh: IT Engineer

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